Stylage® is used to reduce the visible effects of ageing, meaning to fill in or soften wrinkles, correct the lips, restore volume loss, rehydrate the skin, shape the cheeks, rejuvenate the hands, décolleté and neckline. The results are more natural because of the innovative smoothing effect, specific to the IPN-Like technology. The effects generally last 12 months, depending on the skin type, the injected area, the lifestyle of the patient, etc.

Because of its viscoelasticity, Stylage® provides an excellent filling capacity; the elasticity of the skin is optimized, allowing for a better response to the toning and reshaping treatments, even on the most delicate areas like the nose, the earlobes, the temples and the hands. In addition, its superior biocompatibility ability allows it to integrate quickly into the tissue. Over time, it is eliminated by the body itself.